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Introduction to SAP Quality Management Training

SAP QM (Quality Management) is an ECC component in SAP ERP that offers tools and functionality for overseeing product and process quality within an organization, and helping implement, maintain, and improve quality management systems in businesses.

SAP QM covers several facets of quality management, such as quality planning, inspection, certification and control.

Quality planning involves devising an action plan designed to guarantee product or process quality.

Inspection compares actual output against planned quality criteria; certification verifies compliance with specific quality standards while control oversees ongoing preservation of that quality;

SAP QM allows users to easily create inspection plans that specify quality characteristics to be assessed as well as inspection methods, while managing inspection lots.

Collections of items which undergo quality examination in one go – for easier management and analysis of quality issues.

Inspection results are recorded within SAP QM for quality issue tracking as well as data mining purposes.

SAP QM includes tools for statistical process control (SPC), which allow organizations to analyze production data to detect trends and monitor process capability – helping organizations detect quality issues before they escalate into major problems.

SAP QM also facilitates the streamlined integration of quality management and supplier quality management processes, helping businesses ensure product and process quality not only within their operations but throughout their supply chains as well.

SAP QM also facilitates integration between quality management processes and other SAP modules such as Production Planning (PP), Materials Management (MM), and Sales and Distribution (SD), thus creating an uninterrupted flow of quality data throughout an organization and helping coordinate quality management processes with other business processes.

SAP QM helps organizations improve the quality of their products and processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Businesses using it can implement an in-depth quality management system which covers planning through inspection certification control ensuring high-quality offerings to their clients while remaining cost competitive in the market.


SAP QM Tutorial

Integration of Quality Management Module in SAP

SAP QM module can be integrated with various other modules like material management, production planning, sales & distribution and maintenance to ensure all processes respect quality from procurement through delivery.

Element of SAP QM Module

The SAP Quality Management (QM) module encompasses elements such as quality planning, inspections, results recording, sample calculation, user decisions and follow-up actions.

Quality Control in SAP QM Module

SAP’s Quality Management Module encompasses statistical process control, quality control charts, dynamic modification rules and quality certificates as elements of quality assurance.

Quality Notifications in SAP QM module

Quality notifications serve to record defects and take preventative actions within SAP’s Quality Management (SAP QM) module. Among these are customer complaint, vendor complaint and internal complaint.

Inspection types in SAP QM module

SAP QM modules feature various inspection types such as in process inspection, GR against production orders and periodic checks.

Quality Certificates in SAP QM Module

SAP’s Quality Management module enables companies to issue legal certificates at the point of delivery or goods receipt for inbound certificates received from vendors; inbound certificates may also be created at this time.

Quality management view in sales and distribution

In sales and distribution, pre-dispatch inspections are completed before sending materials out to customers.

After these inspections have taken place, salespeople post-check the quality of material received by using an electronic system; should any defects occur, they will notify their customer instantly via this same electronic system.

Master Data in SAP QM Module

Material master data is essential to transactions within SAP’s Quality Management module and needs to be maintained or expanded regularly so only material being manufactured or bought can be identified and reported on can be seen.

Types of mass transmission characteristics

SAP QM distinguishes two categories of mass transmission characteristics, quantitative (MSC) and qualitative (QC).

Inspection setups in SAP QM

Inspection setups in SAP QM allow managers to determine whether a material requires inspection prior to being utilized directly for production, for instance if plastic balls are created within production a lot triggers and prevents their immediate usage directly.

Sample schemes and their types in SAP QM

Sample schemes in SAP QM serve to maintain material master levels within inspection sets and can either be manually or predetermined, and even determined based on percentage of lot size.

SAP QM features four kinds of quality management: manual, percentage, scheme and fixed sample. They differ by how they determine sample sizes for inspections.


MSCs (Microsoft Cluster Service) in SAP QM serve to describe inspection criteria at plant level for materials.

MSCs can be created through transaction codes and input fields, such as master inspection characteristic description or plant number.


SPC (Statistical Process Control) in SAP QM is an approach which emphasizes inspection and record keeping as part of quality management.

MSC levels determine which characteristics qualify for SPC inspection; depending on these decisions, either optional inspections can take place or compulsory ones must take place for all attributes within an MSC level.

Depth of QM model in SAP

The QM model in SAP is an inclusive system that outlines standard processes to meet businesses’ needs, from material master QM views, inspection types and methods through characteristics for inspection plans and sampling procedures.

As well as automatic assignment of inspection lots from processes automatically assigned as inspection plans in each process – that help businesses fulfill quality-centric processes from procurement all the way to dispatch.

Ultimately, using an SAP Quality Model ensures your manufacturing system exceeds quality benchmarks from procurement through dispatching.


Benefits of SAP QM model in MM and WM processes

Adopting the SAP QM model into Materials Management and Warehouse Management Operations can bring many advantages for organizations by eliminating integration processes while emphasizing quality systems.

Knowledge from using this framework may prove instrumental when testing or assuring quality within organizations; also applicable for PPT models like PMA for plant management.


SAP Quality Management Training in Hyderabad

SAP QM training have an invaluable learning experience to anyone seeking to expand their quality management abilities using SAP software.

These training programs cover a broad spectrum of subjects related to quality planning, inspection, certification and control; statistical process control (SPC); supplier quality management as well as statistical process monitoring (SMM).

Experienced professionals will give training on SAP QM across a range of industries. Participants learn to leverage SAP QM to manage and enhance quality in their organizations through hands-on exercises and real-world examples.

Becoming proficient with its functionalities as well as possessing skills necessary for effectively implementing and overseeing quality management systems using this software.

Upon completing training, participants should possess both knowledge of its functionality as well as skills required for effectively implementing and running an SAP software-powered quality management system.


SAP QM Certification Training in Hyderabad

SAP Quality Management certification in Hyderabad is an integral component for individuals looking to demonstrate their expertise with quality management software from SAP.

Hyderabad, an IT and software development hub, boasts numerous institutes that offer SAP QM certification programs for certification purposes.

Certification programs often cover an extensive variety of topics, such as quality planning, inspection, certification and control; statistical process control (SPC); supplier quality management.

The certification exam aims to test an individual’s knowledge and skill with SAP QM for managing quality within organizations, while successfully passing will grant a certificate recognizing their expertise with this tool.

Earning this credential may assist individuals advance in their careers, increase earning potential and show commitment to quality management to current or prospective employers.

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