Who We Are

GCAS is a not-for-profit graduate school bridging theory and action. Through a focus on creativity, nomadicity, and collaboration, we are building a new model for the humanities that enables researchers to practice knowledge in real-time and develop solutions to social, ecological, and economic challenges around the world. In partnership with AMEU in Europe, GCAS is providing the highest quality accredited master (MA) and doctoral (PhD) degrees in the humanities for a fraction of the tuition costs currently being charged in the US.

Earn your MA/PhD while exploring the world with a
community of passionate change-makers.


Our approach is rooted in a strong belief in open futures and new social possibilities that can be achieved through a deconstruction of established norms, social structures, and identities. Read more about our faculty and their theoretical and philosophical traditions. here


With a focus on the highest level of academic rigor, we are opening the structure of the university itself, allowing us to work with some of the most renowned thinkers outside the traditional classroom setting. Read more about the Masters and PhD program in collaboration via Alma Mater Europaea in Slovenia. here


Intensive seminars take place in countries all around the world enabling us to follow our thoughts across cultural and geographic knowledge-scapes. Recent seminars have taken place in Paris, Venice, and New York, and we are headquartered at the crossroads of Europe in Maribor, Slovenia.


Our faculty is here to support each individual GCAS researcher to achieve their personal potential and vision for their life’s work. Students are encouraged to synthesizing new approaches to research and forge new ways of understanding our current global challenges.


Through a focus on publishing, we are working to dramatically reduce the time between research and sharing of ideas through both the academic community and the general public. Additionally, our researchers have many opportunities to begin teaching early on in their learning process in order to gain experience articulating emerging ideas.


Collaborations with institutions around the world allow us to bridge academic research with fascinating projects outside the traditional spheres of learning. When you join GCAS you are entering into a network of change-makers working together to apply and develop theories on the ground.