Who We Are

A New School

The Global Center for Advanced Studies is a not for profit school created by professors and activists across the world who believe education has been turned into a business. It is our mission to take education back because we believe education is not for sale but about human flourishing. Through our partnership with an accredited university in Europe, GCAS is providing the highest quality bachelor (BA), master (MA) and doctoral (PhD) degree in the humanities for a fraction of the tuition costs currently being charged to students. These degree programs will commence in 2016. Ultimately, through independent support and partnerships, our vision is to provide a free education for all people in the world.  Join with us in taking back education for the people about SAP Ariba Training

A High Quality Alternative

Unlike the mainstream “corporate�? university or college, GCAS is community that makes critical and tactical use of new and hybrid forms of education, offering courses and programs that aim to reach a global audience through cutting-edge technologies and new media. We provide the space and time to critically and honestly reflect on the most fundamental issues confronting us today, including learning and creating new forms of human life through research, collaboration, and partnerships. Participants in this community can take courses with us remotely (online) and in person.

Join us and become part of an education solidarity network committed to human flourishing.


GCAS Europa


We are excited about GCAS Europa which is our collaboration with and the Institute of Humanities Studies () and is located in five countries in central Europe including Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. In addition, AMEU is part of a wider scholarly and research network called the located in Salzburg, Austria, which includes 29 Nobel Laureates and 1,700 leading scientists and artists.

GCAS Events

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