Maria Nikolakaki

Global Center for Advanced Studies and activists from throughout the world came together to form the non-profit Global Center for Advanced Studies because they feel that schools have become too commercialized.

Education is not a commodity but a means to an end—the flourishing of individuals—and we want to reclaim it. Students can earn a bachelor’s (BA), master’s (MA), or doctorate (PhD) degree in the humanities from GCAS in a fraction of the cost through our relationship with a recognized European university. 

Starting January 2016, these degree programs will be offered. We want to fulfill our mission of providing free education to all people in the world through independent support and partnerships. Help us reclaim public education by joining our cause.

Unlike the typical “corporate” university or institution, GCAS is an online community that strategically employs new and hybrid forms of education to reach a worldwide audience through innovative media and technology. 

Learning and developing new kinds of human existence via study, cooperation, and collaborations are among the most basic challenges we face today, and we provide the room and opportunity for critical and honest reflection on these matters. Members of this group have the option to enroll in both online and in-person classes with us.

Come be a part of a network of people who are dedicated to human development via education by joining us.

Our partnership with the Institute of Humanities Studies () in five central European countries—Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, and Croatia—GCAS Europa is something we’re very enthusiastic about.

 Furthermore, AMEU is an affiliate of the Salzburg, Austria-based academic and scientific network that counts 1,700 prominent scientists and artists among its members, as well as 29 Nobel laureates.

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