Giovanni Tusa Global Center Advanced StudiesDirector: Dr. Giovanni Tusa.   Chair: Prof. Emeritus Jean-Luc Nancy

The Institute for Critical Media and Cultural Studies explores and produces new forms of theory in a culturally diverse and intellectually challenging environment. Our focus is both contemporary artistic, visual, media practices, and continental philosophy and critical theory. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we explore  these practices in an there engage with urgent social, cultural and political issues.

In the Institute for Critical Media and Cultural Studies the approach to teaching and research is at the same time innovative and rigorous. Our aim is to create a strong community of scholars who are able to use both the tools offered by the avant-garde of philosophical and critical thinking, and to practice tactically as media practitioners, visual artists, sound-based visionaries and filmmakers.

The Institute, under the direction of Giovanni Tusa and the guide of Jean-Luc Nancy offers the following courses:

 NEW! Spring/Summer 2016



  • GCAS/DAAP (uni of Cincinnati) Study Abroad: Berlin Aug 11-21, 2023,  ART 515-1 “Interventions:  Mapping, Constructing, Performing and Documenting�?

The institute for Critical Media and Cultural Studies