GCAS Europa

GCAS Europa is a Collaboration between GCAS and AMEU-ISH


We are excited about GCAS Europa which is our collaboration with and the Institute of Humanities Studies () and is located in five countries in central Europe including Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. In addition, AMEU is part of a wider scholarly and research network called the  located in Salzburg, Austria, which includes 29 Nobel Laureates and 1,700 leading scientists and artists.  It is through this collaboration and transnational partnership that GCAS is able to offer accredited BA, MA, and PhD degree courses. For more information email us at <[email protected]>.

GCAS-AMEU PhD Program in the Humanities

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AMEU/GCAS MA Program in the Humanities

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GCAS Europa--AMEU Courses 2016-2017

Giovanni in Berlin

GCAS Europa Main Campus--Maribor, Slovenia

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