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A Sample of Courses We Have Offered

Deleuze Series 2014-2016 Free and Open to the Public

Intro. to Political Economy: The Crisis in Higher Education Winter 2014

This course engaged the most pressing issues confronting Higher Education today and featured guest lectures from Henry Giroux, Andrew Ross and J. Jack Halberstam.

Critical Theory: From Kant to Zizek Spring 2014

This seminar featured some of the foremost experts in Critical Theory including: Carl Raschke, Peter Thompson, Michael Hardt, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak,  McKenzie Wark, Jason Reed, Sam Opondo, John Proveti, Lori Marso, Lambert Zuidervaart and others.

Theory after the Death of God Spring 2014

This course examined theory in relation to “Death of God” theology and featured, Professors Thomas Altizer, John D. Caputo, Clayton Crockett, J. Kameron Carter and Jeffrey W. Robbins.

Introduction to "Critical Theology" Prof. C. Raschke Spring 2014

This course examined the relationship between critical theory and critical theology and featured Randi Raskover, Phillip Goodchild and was taught by Prof. Creston Davis and Carl Raschke.

Tragedy's Philosophy, Simon Critchley & Shannon Hoff Summer, 2014

Technology and Subjectivity-Prof. C. Lindolfi with F. "Bifo" Beradi Summer, 2014

Contemporary Continental Philosophy of Religion Summer 2014

This course taught by John D. Caputo and Peter Rollins examined the thought of Derrida, Lacan and Zizek in relationship to contemporary currents within philosophy of religion.

GCAS Seminar: "Badiou on Badiou" July, 2014

Heidegger, Marcuse and the Critical Theory of Technology Prof. Darrell Arnold September 2014

This course examined the relationship between technology and critical theory in the wake of Heidegger and Marcuse and featured a guest lecture from Prof. Andrew Feenberg (Marcuse’s student).

Marcuse's Student Prof. Andrew Feenberg

Prof. Feenberg

"We Have Never Been Queer" Centre Pompidou Paris, Sep 2014

Philosophy & the Political Autumn 2014

This lecture course examined the relationship between philosophy and the political and featured Antonio Negri, Adrian Parr, Brad Evans, Michael Hardt, Santiago Zabala, Shon Meckfessel among others.

Poetics, Performance, Philosophy Autumn 2014

This course was directed by a leading theorists located between art and philosophy, Dr. Sigrid Hackenberg.

Guest Speakers: Andrzej Jachimczyk, Julia Hölzl, Cara Judea Alhadeff

Is Theology Dead? Autumn 2014

This course was focused on the question: Is Theology Dead? and featured some of the foremost theorists on religion including, William Desmond, Agata Bielik-Robson, Richard Kearney, John D. Caputo, Catherine Keller, Jeffrey W. Robbins among others.

Prof. Agata Bielik-Robson

Prof. Bielik-Robson

Spinoza Against Conversion: Politics, Philosophy & Religion Autumn 2014

This course was taught by a leading theorist, Prof. Daniel Barber.

GCAS Badiou Seminar, Prof. Daniel Tutt with Alain Badiou 2014-2015

Resistance, Protest and Social Struggles, Winter-Spring 2015

This free seminar series was directed by Prof. Daniel Tutt and Azfar Hussain with guest lectures from Professors Farhang Erfani and Joshua Clover.

Foucault: Subjectivity & Truth Prof. D. Allen Spring 2015

This seminar, taught by Foucault’s student, Prof. David Allen examined the Hermeneutics of Subjectivity.

Spinoza and the Politics of Negativity, Spring 2015

This course was taught by a leading theorist, Prof. Daniel Barber.

Thinking Impossible Spring 2015

This seminar taught by Prof. Creston Davis examined the relationship between thinking and the political and featured a guest lecture from Prof. Alex Callinicos.

Summer Reading Group: Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit Organized by Skipper Boatwright with Prof. Gregory Sadler

Deconstruction Serie J-L Nancy and G. Tusa Summer 2015

Democracy Rising Conference-Athens, July 2015

Plato's Symposium Seminar by Prof. Gregory Sadler, Summer 2015

GCAS Berlin "Art Intensive Seminar" August 2015

This course was a partnership between the and GCAS and taught by Professors Kristopher Holland, Rebecca Weisman and Giovanni Tusa.

Democracy Rising Workshop with The Brooklyn Commons Autumn 2015

This workshop examined Neoliberalism and Social Organization and featured guest lectures from Prof. Francesca Coin, Oliver Stone, Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff, Corey Walker, Matthew Crippen, Eleni Xilakis, David Allen among others.

Philosophical Foundations with Prof. Gregory Sadler Autumn 2015

This course, taught by one of the foremost public philosophers, Dr. Gregory Sadler examined the basic structure of Western Philosophy.

Performing Desire, the politics of surrender and dis-possession Autumn 2015

Directed and taught by Prof. Sigrid Hackenberg.  Guest Speakers: Lorena Fernandez, Bruce Barber

Perverting the Concept of Child, Autumn 2015

This course was taught by an emerging leader in psychoanalysis, Dr. Julie Reshe.

Epictetus' Discourses, Prof. G. Sadler (Free and Open) Autumn, 2015

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