GCAS Certificate Programs

Our goal is to build a revolutionary institution of higher education.

We seek to build a community of scholars, workers, and student and faculty researchers who can contribute to discussions on the transformative power of the humanities, philosophy, literature, art, science, and politics. 

We need each other to achieve this, to demand the conditions on which “education” is defined, and to develop education that is accessible, non-profit-driven, and reduces traditional academia’s entrenched hierarchical structure. 

We refer to both academics and students as “researchers” to emphasize our community’s participatory and non-hierarchical structure, as well as the mentorship model between students and faculty. 

To develop an inclusive, democratic, participatory, and justice-oriented education, we must fight together to combat the corporate paradigm that now dominates higher education.

Graduate-Level Certificate Program:

Currently, GCAS provides a graduate-level certificate program that requires students to finish a total of 15 credits consisting of 1, 2, or 3 credit courses. 

Each of our Institutes has its own roster of classes and curriculum requirements, but there is a lot of freedom and opportunities for interdisciplinary study. 

A student can earn their certificate in one or two years, but there is no time limit as long as they enroll in at least one class per year.

All student researchers seeking a graduate-level certificate must complete a one-year, 6-credit course in Contemporary Critical Practices. 

This course emphasizes the importance of understanding and engaging with the humanities and social sciences, exposing students/researchers to a variety of perspectives, empowering students to think critically, and encouraging actions for beneficial change. Contemporary Critical Practices is co-taught by all Institute Directors, bringing students and faculty together as a community.

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The exceptional GCAS curriculum rethinks these concerns in an atmosphere that encourages inter- and trans-disciplinarity, rich and energizing faculty-student connections, and a strong dedication to critical research and social involvement. 

GCAS consists of five collaborating graduate-level institutes: Critical Philosophy, Critical Theology, Media and Cultural Studies, Psychoanalysis, and Art, as well as one undergraduate-level institute: Humanities and Social Sciences. 

GCAS student researchers complete courses throughout the Institutes online using our e-school platforms Moodle and Big Blue Button, as well as in-person at internationally based intensives and lectures. 

Our faculty includes some of the world’s most intriguing leading and emerging researchers, philosophers, academicians, and artists, all of whom are dedicated to the vision and success of each student researcher and the greater GCAS community.

Our program is designed for a varied range of student researchers, including advanced undergraduates (junior and senior level), students between college and graduate levels of education, and those who are already established in academia or their professions. 

Our program allows student researchers to perform graduate-level work without having to commit to a specific degree, as well as engage with an international community of peers. 

Furthermore, a GCAS certificate may help certain scholars prepare for degree programs such as law school, divinity school, business school, or graduate degrees in the humanities and social sciences.

GCAS offers two certificate programs: 

one at the graduate level and one at the undergraduate level, both situated within the Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences with a focus on Philosophy. 

GCAS provides open enrollment to all students interested in taking our courses. 

After completing a brief enrollment form, students/researchers can meet with the Director of GCAS for general consultation and placement in undergraduate or graduate certificate programs. 

Students can also take courses without obtaining a credential.

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