AMEU/GCAS Study Abroad Europe

Study History, Art, Philosophy, Psychology and Law in the Heart of Europe

Study in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Serbia and Hungary

Trieste, Italy where James Joyce wrote Ulysses and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


Many intellectual innovations, advancements and world events took place in the heart of Europe that forever changed the face of world history. From the architecture and art of the Renaissance (Italy), James Joyce’s literature (Trieste, Italy), Kafka (Prague) to Freud’s discovery of the “unconscious” (Vienna), and the founding of analytic philosophy (Vienna), from the rise and decline of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, from the World-Wars to the breakdown of Yugoslavia and the rise of the European Union this educational experience will forever change the way you think and live in our world. Come study with world-class faculty and grow as a student and a human being. Join us.


Date Place
Aug 22-Sept 4 Maribor, Slovenia
Sept 5-11 Venice, Italy
Sept 11-16 Trieste, Italy
Sept 17-20 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sept 21 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
Sept 22 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sept 23 Maribor, Slovenia
Oct 24-27 Vienna, Austria
Oct 28-Nov 1 Prague, Czech Republic
Nov 2-6 Budapest, Hungray
Nov 7-8 Maribor, Slovenia
Nov 9-11 Belgrade, Serbia
Nov 12-19 Maribor, Slovenia


Course Place Credit: ECTS/US
European Literature Trieste, Prague, Budapest 6/3
Philosophy & Psychoanalysis Vienna, Slovenia 6/3
History of Contemporary Europe: 1900-Present Maribor, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade 6/3
Art, Architecture, Cinema Venice, Budapest, Vienna 6/3
Political Science & Law Maribor 6/3
Culture & Language Slovenia 2.5/1.5


The Coast of Croatia

Split, Croatia


  1. Literature: Joyce and Kafka (Trieste, Italy and Prague, Czech Rep.)
  2. Philosophy and Psychoanalysis: Freud, Wittgenstein, Vienna
  3. History of Contemporary Europe: (1900- Present)
  4. Art, Architecture, Cinema (Venice Film Festival—Sept-Sept 11)
  5. Political Science & Law (Maribor)
  6. Central Europe—Culture, Food, Music and Language


This program is fully accredited with ECTS.

Application Deadline: April 15, 2016

For more information contact: <[email protected]>


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