Certificate Programs


It is our quest to create a transformative institution of higher education.

We want to create a community of scholars, workers, and student and faculty researchers who can add to the conversation about the transformative potential of the humanities, philosophy, literature, art, science, and politics. We need each other to do this, to dictate the terms on which “education” is determined, and to create education that is affordable, not profit-driven, and minimizes the entrenched hierarchical nature of traditional academia. We call both faculty and students “researchers” to stress the participatory and non-hierarchical nature of our community, and to highlight the mentorship model between students and faculty. In order to create an education that is inclusive, democratic, participatory, and committed to justice we must work collaboratively to combat the corporate model predominant in higher education.

Graduate Level Certificate Program:

Currently GCAS offers a graduate-level certificate program that requires students complete a total of 15 credits made of 1, 2 or 3 credit courses. Each of our Institutes develops its own roster of classes and curriculum requirements though there is a great degree of flexibility and options for interdisciplinary study. A student may complete their certificate in one or two years, though there is no time limit as long as students are enrolled in a minimum of one class per year.

All student researchers seeking a graduate-level certificate are required to take a one-year 6-credit course in Contemporary Critical Practices. This course focuses on the need to understand and engage the humanities and social sciences, to expose student/researchers to a range of perspectives, to empower students to think critically, and encourage actions for productive change. Contemporary Critical Practices is co-taught by all Institute Directors and allows students and faculty to come together as a community.

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The extraordinary GCAS curriculum rethinks these issues in an environment that supports inter- and trans-disciplinarity, rich and enlivening faculty-student relationships, and a rigorous commitment to critical inquiry and social engagement. GCAS is made up of five collaborative graduate-level Institutes: Critical Philosophy, Critical Theology, Media and Cultural Studies, Psychoanalysis, and Art, and one undergraduate-level Institute: Humanities and Social Sciences. GCAS student researchers take courses across the Institutes online using our e-school platform Moodle and Big Blue Button, and in-person through internationally located intensives and lectures. We have some of the world’s most interesting leading and emergent researchers, philosophers, academics, and artists on our faculty who are committed to vision and success of each student researcher and the larger GCAS community.

Our curriculum is geared towards a diverse body of student researchers: advanced undergraduates (junior and senior level), students between college and graduate levels of education, as well as those already established in academia or in their professions. Our program gives student researchers an opportunity to do graduate-level work without being committed to a particular degree, and the possibility of connection with an international community of peers. In addition, a certificate from GCAS could assist some researchers to prepare for degree programs such as Law School, Divinity School, Business School, or Graduate programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Currently GCAS offers two certificate programs: one at the graduate level and one at the undergraduate level housed within the Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences with a concentration in Philosophy. GCAS offers open enrollment for all students interested in participating in our courses. Upon completing a simple enrollment form students/researchers can have an interview with the Director of GCAS for general guidance and placement in the undergraduate-level or graduate-level certificate programs. Students may also take courses without pursuing a certificate.


Acquire a certificate in GCAS’ Psychoanalysis Program featuring the best faculty in the world.  Directed by Dr. Julie Reshe.

Institute of Humanities & Social Sciences


Acquire a certificate in GCAS’ Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences. This program teaches courses at the undergraduate level.

Critical Philosophy


Acquire a certificate in GCAS’ Critical Philosophy Program featuring some of the best faculty in philosophy and theory in the world. Directed by Dr. Sigrid Hackenberg.

Critical Media & Cultural Studies

The Deconstruction Serie

Acquire a certificate in GCAS’ Critical Media and Cultural Studies Program directed by Dr. Jean-Luc Nancy and Dr. Giovanni Tusa.


Rebecca Weisman

Acquire a certificate in GCAS’ Arts Program directed by Rebecca Weisman.

Critical Theology


Acquire a certificate in GCAS’ Critical Theology Program directed by Dr. Creston Davis.