Creston Davis is the Founder and Director of GCAS. Along with Slavoj Zizek, Clayton Crockett, and Jeffrey Robbins, Creston currently co-edits Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics & Culture (an academic book series published by Columbia University Press). He has published several books including Paul’s New Moment (with Slavoj Zizek & John Milbank), The Monstrosity of Christ, Hegel & the Infinite (with Zizek and Clayton Crockett), Theology & the Political (with Zizek and Milbank), Theology after Lacan: A Passion for the Real (with Marcus Pound and Crockett), and Contradiction & America (with Alain Badiou) forthcoming.

His work has appeared in Rethinking Marxism, Angelaki, Political Theology, Philosophy Today among other journals.  He wrote the Foreword to Peter Sloterdijk’s Philosophical Temperaments: From Plato to Foucault and co-edited New Slant (an academic book series published by Duke University Press).

In addition to his academic writings, he contributes to The European Magazine, Al Jazeera (English),  Truthout, and The Huffington Post and has written two novels (forthcoming).

He is also a Professor of Philosophy at Alma Mater Europaea.

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ID Course Name Duration Start Date
MT01 MT01: Epistemology: Hegemony and Subversion 1 Month October 9, 2016
D113 New Theological Horizons: Political Theology and Democracy July 5, 2016
Political Revolution? From Occupy to Bernie Sanders Four Weeks April 2, 2016