GCAS Interventions Series – We are (still) Everywhere

Free and Open to the Public


Director:  Mark Bergfeld


Assistant Director: Michael Wassell

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The movements of the squares in 2011 started a truly global and internationalist discussion about what real democracy could look like. While the movements no longer occupy squares, they have left behind a legacy of democratic mass participation, civil disobedience and a politics of hope. At a local level, these movements have facilitated new initiatives, campaigns, and even political parties.

Four years later we confront new questions and new dilemmas: the experience of a radical left party in government in Greece, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) to the privatisation of water in Europe, the US and elsewhere.


Our seminar series which will take place on Google Hangouts/YouTube over the course of the next nine months seeks to continue that global discussion. The GCAS Interventions Series “We are (still) everywhere�? builds on the alter-globalisation movement’s infamous slogan and highlights the global dimension of our seminars. Grassroots activists, book authors and academics from across the world will be talking about their experiences and research, addressing new questions and collectively developing solutions.

The GCAS Interventions Series prides itself in being open to all those interested in social change and equality. If you have an idea for an Interventions Seminar or would like to help organize a seminar please contact Mark Bergfeld, Director of GCAS Interventions at [email protected]


INTERVENTION 1: Between Fortress Europe and #RefugeesWelcome

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On October 14 at 9pm (GMT)/ 5pm (EST) we will be hosting a GCAS Interventions Seminar on the European border crisis and refugees. We will collectively address following questions amongst others: How can we explain the refugee movement? What does the border crisis mean for the future of Europe? What forms of activism do we need?

This is the first global discussion of the GCAS Interventions Series this autumn term. It will be held on GoogleHangouts and on the GCAS Media Youtube channel (). The format of the Interventions series is following: The seminar will be introduced by three-four interventions of 15 minutes each before we have a 45-minute discussion with online participants.

Interventions from:

Daniel Trilling, editor of the New Humanist and author of a forthcoming book on refugees (Picador)

Claudia Bernardi, activist and researcher based in Italy

Mona Dohle, activist with the London2Calais Convoy

Gareth Dale, Senior Lecturer at Brunel University and author of The European Union and Labour Migration

…and more!

Facilitated by Mark Bergfeld, Director of GCAS Interventions Series and PhD researcher at Queen Mary University of London.

If you have further suggestions and ideas for future seminars or even this one please get in touch with Mark Bergfeld via Facebook.

at 9:00pm in UTC+01