The institute of Critical Philosophy


Director, Dr. Sigrid Hackenberg

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Let us imagine philosophy in the plural, transgressing any singular notions of genre and/or prescription, esoteric and exoteric in delineation, as personal, political, and as an ecological practice offering the possibility of profusely nomadic, transitive, and variable engagements. Crossing Eastern and Western borders, aboriginal cultures and First Nations, and multispecies contact zones, inclusive of the posthuman and the transhuman, philosophy therein disperses itself along the (a)esthetic, the sensual, the performative, and the “an-archic�? through a series of textual, gestural, acoustic, spatial, and techno/poïetic interventions. Recognizing philosophy as deserted, forgotten or empty, but also as the advantageous demarcation of an extreme provocation, futuristic, mystical, logical, and ancient—taking philosophy beyond any considered delimitation and fathoming post-philosophic practices in the modality of drifters, hackers, and surfers—the Institute of Critical Philosophy (ICP) seeks to refashion contemporary critical practices as radical sites of innovation, contestation, and inspiration.

The Institute of Critical Philosophy at The Global Center for Advanced Studies signals a radical shift within contemporary philosophic practices. At a time when a particular urgency is felt in the dismantling of broken normative systems, philosophy offers the promise of an infinitely malleable practice that is at once militant and exceedingly generous. Chameleon-like in its disposition, philosophy fosters diffusional practices that grapple with some of the most exigent dilemmas facing our planet today.

Presenting a series of core seminars, colloquia, and workshops, supplemented by electives drawn from a variety of fields of interest, the ICP offers the choice of a certificate and/or diploma option for maximum flexibility of study.


Our President, Alain Badiou’s short lesson on Philosophy.