GCAS Partners with Alma Mater Europaea University & ISH

GCAS Partners with Alma Mater Europaea University & ISH

After more than two years of organizing a new school, GCAS is honored to be partnering with two institutions of higher education in Europe, the non-profit, Alma Mater Europaea University and Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (ISH).

This forms a new transnational educational network:  AMEU-ISH-GCAS committed to breaking out of the self-enclosure of the academy on the one hand, and the corporate takeover of the academy on the other hand.

This partnership will allow GCAS to continue on with its mission in four ways:

First, via GCAS Europa our students/researchers will be able to study with us and earn accredited degrees on all three levels, BA, MA, PhD, for a substantially reduced tuition rate with many scholarships provided. Students can be part of these programs via open and distance (on-line) learning as well as in residence in the nexus of East/West Europe in the beautiful cities of Maribor, and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Second, GCAS will continue providing experimental open and distance learning courses via GCAS America (located in the United States) for free or at very low tuition rates, which will be fully accredited via the European accreditation system. This means you can take courses with our faculty and transfer the courses to your existing educational programs at any university/college in America, Canada, Mexico or anywhere else as the ECTS European credit is transferable world-wide.

Third, GCAS will continue organizing international conferences, workshops (Cuba in 2016), and seminars all over the world from the Centre Pompidou Paris, The Brooklyn Commons New York, Havana, Cuba (2016), to Berlin, Buenos Aires, Gaza, Palestine, Russia, Japan, China and Australia (among other places).

Fourth, AMEU-ISH-GCAS will be launching Summer Post-Graduate programs located in Venice, Italy Maribor, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Vienna, Austria beginning in 2016.

We are excited about organizing this next phase of our schools: GCAS-America & GCAS-Europa.