July 1 - 2
Maribor, Slovenia

Summer Institute

June 28th – July 7th
Maribor, Slovenia

Call for Papers & Sign-Up

This conference aims to open up plural spaces in which our common human experience is affirmed as a mode of resistance. Our goal is to actively work towards the creation of a new commons that highlights difference, aberration, and paradox in both theoretical and practical terms. This vision is becoming more important than ever in the wake of our current global context in which we are increasingly witnessing political isolation, anti-intellectualism, homogenization, and economic prioritization. We find that the most pressing questions confronting us today have precisely to do with the creation of new spaces and organizations in which new forms of life can be imagined, conceived and developed. Our vision is to do philosophy; to practice and create concepts and to live in common together again. We welcome you to present a paper; please submit an abstract that addresses the topic of anomalous zones of resistance. We are looking specifically to explore alternative epistemologies, ontologies, communities, identities, and modes of being that go against the grain of the current neoliberal paradigm. The topic, in this way, is intentionally vague to invite submissions that surprise us; that stand outside the current academic disciplines and challenge us to think and explore in extraordinary ways together.

As an integral part of our mission of applying theory, we are further excited to announce our humanities startup lab which aims to incubate and support applied humanities startups from the seed stage through global implementation and growth. The program is focused on scaling projects that demonstrate a commitment to the application of “triple bottom line” sustainability – social, environmental, and financial – and are working to implement conceptual frameworks emerging from interdisciplinary humanities research. We will be hosting humanities lab sessions at our Summer Institute, where researchers will work together to form new organizations for solving some of the most pressing global issues. We are in the process of establishing a fund to provide financial support to the most promising ideas and projects emerging from the conference.

250 word abstracts due by March 15th, 2017.

Priority given to the 50+ abstracts received Feb 15th. Submit using the form below.

Call for Papers Submission

  • We will reply with more info on acceptance decisions by Feb 20th. Participants are responsible for their own airfare, food and accommodations (generally cost of living is very low and standard of living is very high in Maribor).