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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program in the Humanities
Accredited by the Bologna Accords (Europe)



The Ph.D. degree program in the humanities is an interdisciplinary trans-national high & low-residency program linking philosophical, anthropological, performative and linguistic disciplines, tailored to the needs of individual researchers “students”.

The program provides student-researchers with a flexible, interdisciplinary framework, built on connections among specific courses and areas of interest including ecological, political, artistic, and social practices. Our Ph.D. students go through rigorous theoretical and methodological training that imparts strong research and analytical skills and enables students to adapt to the constantly changing 21st century labor market as well as to create new labor practices. We offer an unprecedented intensive practicum, where doctoral candidates are encouraged to actively participate in collaborative teaching opportunities with faculty members during their course of study. The program enables student-researchers to study fields and disciplines that are underrepresented in traditional higher learning institutions with specialized ways of creating new post-carbon economies through innovative ecological partnerships and educational development programs.

Our aim is to build a creative commons whose impact is far reaching offering creative solutions to increasingly pertinent and  life-threatening questions. It is time to change the face of education and build a better and more just world. We are poised to make a difference. Join us.

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The Courage to Think


AMEU & GCAS Conferences, Workshops, Series & Seminars


Spring/Summer/Fall, The Deleuze Series (Keith W. Faulkner)

Conference: borders/debordering (June 30-July 2, Skof & Davis)

August, The Deconstruction Serie II (Tusa & Nancy)

September, The Pasolini Workshop (Tusa)

September, The Luce Irigaray Seminar, Paris (Irigaray)

October, Seminar on Humanities, (Hackenberg, Xilakis, Davis)



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Course of Study


Course                                                       ECTS

Mandatory Courses


Humanities I 15
Futuring the Humanities II 15


Elective Courses *


Philosophical Investigations 5
Infinite Procedures: Theo-Poetics and The Ecological Turn 5
New Social Practices & Economies 5
Philosophical Revolutions & Revolt 5
Radicalizing the Performative 5
Philosophy & Film Studies** 5
Radical Methodologies: Avant-Garde Texts, Sites & Practices (individual topics) 5
Psychoanalysis & Neuroscience 5
The Erotic Signifier 5
Poetics, Performance, Philosophy 5
Reinventing Human Rights Discourse 5


Total Per Study Program                                       180 ECTS


Additional Studies


Preparation for Doctoral Thesis 10
Doctoral Seminar 1: Doctoral Thesis Subject Registration 10
Individual Research (for Doctoral Research) 10
Doctoral Seminar 2 10


* Other Elective Courses will be offered in the future relative to the composition of our researchers’ interests.  The GCAS Deleuze Series and/or the GCAS Badiou Series can substitute for an elective 5 ECTS credit course.

**The Pasolini Workshop and The Deconstruction Serie may also be taken for a 5 ECTS credit course.


Boris Franklin and Chris Hedges. (c) 2015

Alain Badiou, (PhD) is the co-founder of the faculty of Philosophy of the Universite de Paris VIII, and is widely considered to be the greatest living philosopher. 

Creston Davis, (PhD) Founder and Director of the Global Center for Advanced Studies and Director of Research, Alma Mater Europaea

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, (PhD) is Professor in Literature, Stanford University and author of numerous books

Sigrid Hackenberg, (PhD) Director of the Institute of Critical Philosophy, The Global Center for Advanced Studies

Srećko Horvat, (PhD) is one of the most exciting voices of his generation and author of several books in philosophy and political economy

Jean-Luc Nancy, (PhD) is a pathbreaking philosopher and author of numerous books

Adrian Parr, (PhD) currently holds a joint appointment with the Department of Sociology and the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati and is the author of numerous books in philosophy, activism and ecology

Julie Reshe, (PhD) is the Director of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, The Global Center for Advanced Studies

Lenart Skof, (PhD) is a renowned European theorist, Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Institute for Philosophical Studies at the University of Primorska, and Professor at Alma Mater Europaea. 

Giovanni Tusa, (PhD) is the Director of the Institute of Media and Cultural Studies, The Global Center of Advanced Studies

Corey D. B. Walker, (PhD) is Dean of The College and the John W. and Anna Hodgin Hanes Professor of the Humanities at Winston-Salem State University and a leading activist of the arts.

Richard Wolff, (PhD) is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and is one of the world’s leading political economists.

Eleni Xilakis, (PhD) is the Assistant Director of the Global Center for Advanced Studies

Study with Visionaries


PhD Humanities Course Schedule 2016-2017



“GCAS is what many of us, languishing in established academic institutions, have dreamed of for many years.  I will seize the opportunity to show how the intellectual life can be engaged in the life of the world, how scholarship can escape the sclerotic and alienated language it passes off as edifying, and how critical thought can develop new forms of writing that speak to those outside of the academy and to those inside it who have been waiting, like pupae, for spring.” –Prof. Michael Jackson, distinguished professor of world religions at Harvard University

Details & Application

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This PhD program is three-years in length for full-time student-researchers.


5,000 Euros/year. We have 30% scholarships for each of our top 6 applicants in our first PhD cohort. Financial assistance is available. For all financial assistance inquiries please email: <>.


You may enroll full-time or part-time.

Full-time researchers (students) can participate in three ways: (a) full-time residence (in Ljubljana and Maribor Slovenia, and Venice, Italy; (b) low -residence; (c) open and distance via online.

Part time researchers can participate in the following ways: (a) low-residence; (b) open and distance via on-line.


Application deadline for our second PhD Humanities cohort group is 1 July, 2016. Our second cohort will begin in late August, 2016.

Our PhD and MA in Anthropology program will begin in 2017. Our BA in Philosophy program will begin in October, 2016


Cohort 2 of our PhD and MA program will commence with the Deconstruction Series with Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Nancy and Prof. Dr. Giovanni Tusa in August. 

Video Introduction to "Psychoanalysis, Philosophy and Neuroscience"


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Alain Badiou's Lesson on Philosophy

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