An Essay on Love, Trauma, and the Miracle of Analogy – Nathan Wiley

The Global Center for Advanced Studies is proud to share this amazing 70-page essay on love, trauma, multiculturalism and the miracle of analogy by GCAS researcher and organizer, Nathan Wiley. Nathan first encountered GCAS in 2013 while living in South Korea. In 2016 he proposed and served as the lead organizer for our 2nd annual conference at the University of Pennsylvania, and will be working this July with Margaret Young of the Academy of American Poets and graduate of Yale University during our Summer Institute in Maribor.
Nathan Wiley
_the opening_ weaves together insights from contemporary Continental philosophy, Confucianism, Zen Buddhism, Korean shamanism, the Hebrew wisdom tradition and fine arts in a performative, multi-textual exploration of a field of inquiry opened by French philosopher Catherine Malabou in her work on the Ontology of the Accident. In it questions of identity, time, desire and the tensions between differing traditions and their treatment of romantic love are both passionately and virtuosically grappled with.


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