The Global Center for Advanced Studies: Update

The Global Center for Advanced Studies: Update

GCAS has now entered into our fourth calendar year, 2017 and we are stronger and more stable then ever. From 2013, the year of our incorporation until 2017, we have created a unique school committed to debt free, experimental education with leading theorists, writers, artists and philosophers. We have reached more than half a million people and offered hundreds of hours of free education from all reaches of the world. In short, we have created one of the most unique schools anywhere and we are doing it without going into debt or being reliant on any one person or interest group: we are truly independent and are seeking to rebuild the commons. At the same time, GCAS has always been committed to a dialectical strategy that functions both within and outside the academy.

Here are some of the highlights from this past year, and a few things that GCAS is currently working on:

  1. We have filed our 501 (c) (3) application with our lawyer.
  2. Within 1 year, we have created one of the world’s finest and most respected MA and PhD programs in the Humanities via Alma Mater Europaea (AMEU).  GCAS doesn’t offer the degree but we have created the unique program with AMEU who issues the degree. We currently have 28 researchers (18 PhD/10 MA) with 11 more (6 PhD and 5 MA) who are joining next month. By all accounts this is nothing short of a miracle that took thousands of hours of hard work, collaboration, and a commitment to a new form of education. This program is comprised of researchers coming from some of the best universities in the world including The London School of Economics, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Berkeley, New York University and Cambridge University among others. This program allows GCAS to remain financially viable so we can actuate our dialectical strategy by funding the infrastructure and administrative apparatus for launching our “GCAS Black Mountain Experimental School” forthcoming.
  1. Donations and Fund Raising:
    1. We now have a full-time grant writer living in Maribor.
    2. During Creston Davis’ recent trip to the USA he procured several pledged commitments from donors looking to support the school and our vision. This is all part of launching a fund raising effort to support our growth as well as students in the coming year. We thank all of you who have made a pledge.
  2. Alma Mater’s BA program has been approved and is expected to officially launch by October, 2017.
  3. We are in the process of forming a partnership with The Embassy Network in which GCAS will be launching a speakers’ series from several locations around the world. This partnership emphasizes the scientific side of GCAS research and curriculum.
  4. We are building out our online community and platform to easily organize and share work and grow this movement together.
  5. We have a new website that is nearly fully developed and will be launched with GCAS Open (for the general public) set for April.
  6. Our Summer Institute in Maribor already has over 50 participants and will feature some of the world’s best theorists regarding thinking through and creating new paradigms for humanity.
  7. Partnerships: Creston Davis’ visited several colleges and universities in the US including Georgetown University, Lebanon Valley College, York College among others. We are organizing the Study Abroad program as well as other programs with US institutions. We are also partnering with Center Sevres-Paris for the Luce Irigaray seminar every September.
  8. We now have 12 students/researchers who are moving to or have already moved to Maribor, which is part of developing our new campus in central Europe.
  9. Strategic Financial Plan: Budgeting and Projections: we are meeting all strategic and financial goals.
  10. David Steinrueck has joined the board of directors as Treasurer. David comes with a degree in management with a concentration in strategy from Tulane University 2010. David also has 8+ years of business experience.
  11. Literature course and Psychoanalysis seminar will be starting in the next few weeks with more information forthcoming.

As you can see, GCAS has a lot of momentum at the moment and we are excited to achieve some great things together in the coming year. We’ve been able to do this with just two-three people running daily operations and a whole lot of help from a network of students, activists, and professors putting in many voluntary hours around the world.

Along with these accomplishments, we continue to face challenges establishing and growing an organization that questions the very norms of how an organization can run! However, we welcome these struggles as well, and look forward to critically practicing and exploring new ways of learning and organizing with some of the brightest, bravest, and most caring people in the world today.

We are changing the face of education globally and we invite you to join us.