Statement of Solidarity with Academics in Turkey

Since July, more than 4,000 academics have been dismissed and fifteen universities have been shut down in Turkey (according to Al-Monitor). These academics cannot take up public employment, cannot work for private institutions and cannot work abroad as their passports have been taken. Moreover, there is a retrospective criminalization of over 2,000 academics that signed a petition in January 2016 condemning Turkish State’s military intervention in the Kurdish provinces (known as ‘Academic for Peace’).We are especially worried about the use of force against students and the faculty who were protesting on February 10.

The Global Center for Advanced Studies is profoundly concerned about the unprecedented
oppression towards Turkey’s academics. The basic tenants of the academic and scientific works
have been prohibited through limitations on freedom of expression, mobility and the international
exchange of the academics in Turkey.
In the aftermath of the failed coup of July 15, a set of decrees issued in 2016 and 2017 have
led to the dismissal of a high number of scholars as well as enabled threats to their careers, facing
investigations, deportations, trials and detentions. This unjustified retaliatory measures taken have
been imposed on critical academics. The actions of the state, under the pretense of a fight against
terrorism, are, in fact, outlawing dissent.

As GCAS, we would like to express our support for the academic community in Turkey. We
stand in solidarity with our colleagues and we will continue to support them until the reversal of
these authoritarian policies.

Academics for Peace.
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