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Professor Dr. Luce Irigaray

Luce Irigaray is widely considered to be one of the most recognized philosophers in the world. She is a prominent author in contemporary French feminism and Continental philosophy. She is an interdisciplinary thinker who works between philosophy, psychoanalysis, and linguistics. Originally a student of the famous analyst Jacques Lacan, Irigaray’s departure from Lacan in Speculum of the Other Woman, where she critiques the exclusion of women from both philosophy and psychoanalytic theory, earned her recognition as a leading feminist theorist and continental philosopher. Her subsequent texts provide a comprehensive analysis and critique of the exclusion of women from the history of philosophy, psychoanalytic theory and structural linguistics. Irigaray alleges that women have been traditionally associated with matter and nature to the expense of a female subject position. While women can become subjects if they assimilate to male subjectivity, a separate subject position for women does not exist. Irigaray’s goal is to uncover the absence of a female subject position, the relegation of all things feminine to nature/matter, and, ultimately, the absence of true sexual difference in Western culture. In addition to establishing this critique, Irigaray offers suggestions for altering the situation of women in Western culture. Mimesis, strategic essentialism, utopian ideals, and employing novel language, are but some of the methods central to changing contemporary culture. Irigaray’s analysis of women’s exclusion from culture and her use of strategic essentialism have been enormously influential in contemporary feminist theory. Her work has generated productive discussions about how to define femininity and sexual difference, whether strategic essentialism should be employed, and assessing the risk involved in engaging categories historically used to oppress women. Irigaray’s work extends beyond theory into practice. Irigaray has been actively engaged in the feminist movement in Italy. She has participated in several initiatives in Italy to implement a respect for sexual difference on a cultural and, in her most recent work, governmental level. Her contributions to feminist theory and continental philosophy are many and her complete works present her readers with a rewarding challenge to traditional conceptions of gender, self, and body.  From the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Irigaray is a psychoanalyst and has practiced for many decades until recently retiring to continue writing and research.

She also hosts an annual “Graduate Student Seminar with Luce Irigaray” which will take place this June in Bristol, England.

Prof. Irigaray will teach a GCAS-AMEU seminar in Paris entitled, “First Steps Towards Building a
World Culture” (September 26-30), which can be taken online or in person.

We look forward to Professor Irigaray’s teaching in our graduate program.

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ID Course Name Duration Start Date
D117 D117: The Luce Irigaray Paris Seminar 1 Week Intensive September 12, 2016